WWE Survivor Series 2022

WWE Survivor Series 2023: War Games Results, Recap, Grades

WWE Survivor Series 2022

WWE Survivor Series 2023: War Games Results, Recap, Grades! The Bloodline is in power. Sami Zayn, who was feeling particularly Ucey on Saturday, was nearly solely responsible for the Roman Reigns team’s decisive win at Survivor Series WarGames. The Bloodline triumphed after Zayn prevented longtime pal Kevin Owens from pinning Reigns and then low-bluffed Owens. The first WarGames battle of the evening, which began the program, saw Becky Lynch return and triumph for Bianca Belair’s squad.

WWE Survivor Series 2023, The United States Championship triple threat match, in which Austin Theory defeated Seth Rollins via pin to win the championship, was the main event of the evening. As Ronda Rousey successfully defended her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Shotzi, Theory was the only new champion of the evening. Naturally, the match between Finn Balor and AJ Styles was another standout. WWE Survivor Series 2023, After a tremendous forearm from Styles, Balor was pinned after a terrific fight. I’m hoping it results in a rematch.

WWE Survivor Series 2022

WarGames Are Won By The Bloodline

WWE Survivor Series 2023, Sami Zayn’s devotion to The Bloodline will be the major topic of discussion at the WarGames main event. Zayn’s good friend Kevin Owens urged him to flip on The Bloodline even Before Bloodline turned on him on Friday’s SmackDown. That raised the issue of whether Sami Zayn would truly ally with Owens as an old buddy.

At Survivor Series, Sami Zayn proved to be unmistakably Bloodline. He delivered a low blow on Owens before landing a Helluva Kick to give The Bloodline the victory. The WarGames bout began shortly after the Zayn narrative began. The two that kicked off WarGames on their respective clubs were Butch and Jey Uso. The Brawling Brutes were able to double-team Jey since Ridge Holland had been in second place.

Jimmy Uso raced out of the cage to save his brother when it came time for a Bloodline member to enter, but Reigns stopped him and insisted that Uso stay and Zayn leave. Zayn had to enter WarGames and collaborate with Jey, a person he has long mistrusted, in order to demonstrate his allegiance.

WWE Survivor Series 2022

A loud “Sammy Uso” chant greeted Zayn as he approached the ring. very healthful He intervened to defend JeyUso from the Brutes till the buzzer sounded and Drew McIntyre was given permission to enter the ring. The next person to enter was Jimmy Uso, who also brought a table. Once Kevin Owens entered the ring, Jimmy would eventually fall through the same table as Owens pounded the Usos with chair shots until duplexing Jimmy through it.

Results And Grades For The 2023 WWE Survivor Series War Games

Team Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky, Nikki Cross, and Rhea Ripley) vs Team Belair in a WarGames match: Belair and Kai squared up in the opening moments of the fight before Sky entered the fray as a result of Team Damage CTRL winning the advantage on Raw so that one of its participants start the cycle of competitors entering the match. With backflips, a springboard dropkick, and top rope head scissors, Sky displayed amazing acrobatic prowess, but she stumbled as she attempted to execute double knees in the corner.

WWE Survivor Series 2022

When Asuka, a longtime friend, and foe from their days in Japan, entered the contest as the second member of Team Belair, they began exchanging grips and blows right away. Belair displayed her ludicrous power by military pressing Kai across the arena and hurling her into the barrier.

In WWE Survivor Series 2023, The third individual from Team Damage CTRL to leave the detention cell was the anarchist Cross. Cross struck the ring apron right away, bringing into the ring a number of kendo sticks and garbage can lids. She used a Tornado DDT on Belair and a Cradle Shock to plant Asuka. At the sound of the timer, Alexa Bliss leveled the playing field. Cross gave Belair a kendo staff, which she seized and bent pretzel-style.

WWE Survivor Series 2023, Bayley joined Damage CTRL as the group’s fourth member. She threw a table and a ladder into the fray. Belair was caught between the fence, table, as well as two sets of ring ropes after the Damage CTRL trio pushed a table between two rings and smashed it onto her.

WWE Survivor Series 2022

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