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New Windows 11 Insider ISO File Download 2023

Windows 11 Insider

Hi Windows Insiders, We are so eager to have so many of you running the primary review of Windows 11 Insider and we’re occupied with taking a gander at all your input that is coming in. Today we are delivering an update (Build 22000.65) to everybody in the Dev Channel with a decent arrangement of enhancements and fixes that will make your Windows 11 experience far and away superior!

Microsoft has presented another Windows 11 Insider Preview work in the Dev circle of its Public Beta program. Named Insider Preview construct 22000.65, the new form offers a variety of gradual new highlights without truly rolling out any significant improvement to how the underlying sneak peek rendition of the OS was.

Indeed, one of the more striking pieces about the new Windows 11 Insider Preview update is that it’s anything but a fix for the Remote Code Execution (RCE) abuse that has been normally known as ‘PrintNightmare’. Aside from that, the rundown of changes made to the OS is short and fresh.

New  Windows 11 Changes &  Improvements:

Start now has a search box to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

  • The taskbar will now show across multiple monitors which can be enabled via Settings > Personalization > Taskbar.
  • We have updated several system alert dialog boxes such as the alert for when the battery is running low on your laptop or when you change your display settings with the new Windows 11 visual design.
  • The ‘Power mode’ settings are now available on the Power & battery page in Settings.
  • Right-clicking the desktop now directly has a Refresh option without needing to click “Show more options”.
  • Right-clicking a .ps1 file in File Explorer now directly has a Run with PowerShell option without needing to click “Show more options”.
  • Available snap layouts when using smaller PCs in portrait orientation have been optimized for that posture. You can now choose to snap three apps on top of each other, instead of four quadrants.
  • Based on the collaboration with the most popular GIF provider in China,, GIF selections are now available for Windows Insiders in China via the emoji panel (WIN + .). If the location is set as China, then GIF data will appear from
  • Right-clicking on the volume icon in the taskbar now includes an option to troubleshoot sound problems.

Windows 11 Insider

2023 Windows 11 Insider Preview:

The full list of everything that’s new in the Windows 11 Insider Preview Dev build 22000.65 is as follows:

  • A new ‘Search’ box within the new Start menu, makes it easy to search for any setting or app on your PC. It is by far the most significant addition to this build, hence stating how incremental this update is
  • Uniform presence of the Windows 11 taskbar across all connected monitors, which can now be enabled from the Personalisation options under Settings
  • Power Mode settings were added under the Power and Battery page in Settings
  • Refresh button brought out to the main desktop right-click menu, instead of being inside ‘Show more options
  • Multitasking snap layouts for small Windows devices in portrait orientation can now optimize three apps running, instead of the previous set of four apps
  • Troubleshooting sound options are now integrated into the sound menu that can be brought up by right-clicking on the volume icon

Download the build 22598 ISO file for Windows 11

To download the latest preview build of Windows 11 Insider with changes coming in future releases, you need to log in to this Microsoft support website. Once you are on the download page, choose the edition and click the Confirm button to download the file.

After you finish downloading the official ISO file, use different tools like Rufus to create a USB flash drive to install the operating system. Alternatively, you can mount the ISO to begin the setup if you plan to do an in-place upgrade.

Windows 11 build 22598 ISO | Download

Alongside the availability of build 22598, Microsoft is also making build 22000.194 as part of the Windows 11 initial release development.

Alongside the update itself being incremental, it is also important to note that the update is still in the Dev circle of the Windows 11 Insider Preview program. This is equivalent to an ‘alpha’ version update, which means that there will likely be plenty of bugs and stability issues. Hence, the update is not advisable for daily driver PCs. Thanks for reading till the end of this article. For more such informative and exclusive tech content, head over to our

Windows 11 Insider

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