Windows 11.1 Download PC

Windows 11.1 Download PC [64bit/32bit] Official Link

Windows 11.1 Download PC

Windows 11.1 Download PC [64bit/32bit] Official Link! Microsoft has finally announced the official name of Windows 11.1. The first big update of the year for Windows 11.1 is not going to be that big, unlike what the company has been doing for several years, and instead, we will have a minor update that will be installed on top of the previous two.

Microsoft announced that the official name of Windows 11.1 Download PC will be Windows 11.1 July 2023 Update, following the same naming scheme from the past and coinciding with the name that had the first update. Last year, that was a big update, where windows 11.1 was installed as a minor update on it.

As we just discussed, Windows 11.1 Download PC is distributed as a feature update. This means that both its download and installation are as fast as the monthly patches or the windows 11.1 version. This will be the case as long as we have the version of Windows 11 or Windows 11.1. If we have a previous version, the installation will be done in the traditional way.

Install & Upgrade Windows 11.1 Download PC Full Version:

On the other hand, it is also worth highlighting some improvements in the performance of the Windows Defender Application Guard, including the optimization of document opening times. Added to this is better performance when updating the Windows Management Instrumentation Group Policy Service for remote jobs. Taking into account that the 11 will not be a major update, but a minor release similar to windows 11, it could be compared with a Service Pack for the system, as we mentioned before.

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Microsoft Windows 11.1 Download PC Full Version Service System:

If we expected that, like other years, the spring update would be a big update, we are going to be disappointed. It is true that week after week, we have seen a lot of news in each of the Insider builds of the operating system. However, the arrival of Windows 11.1 has forced Microsoft to put aside 11 to avoid overshadowing its new operating system.

Microsoft has left the great news for windows 11.1, the “Sun Valley” update that will arrive in the autumn of this year to all users. Thus, Windows 11.1 will be a minor update, similar to windows 11.1, which is more like a Service Pack than a new version.

Users who already have Windows 11.1 Download for the PC version, or windows 11 installed, will be able to update to 11.1 through a small patch that will arrive by Windows Update. Those using an older version (2019 or earlier) will need to perform a full system update.

Windows 11.1 Download PC

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Multi-camera support for Windows Hello. This will allow users to choose an external camera as a priority when using high-end monitors with built-in cameras. Windows Defender Application Guard performance improvements, including improvements to document open times. Windows Management Instrumentation and Group Policy Service update improving performance to support remote work scenarios.

Replacement of the old Microsoft Edge with the new Chromium-based Edge. Although there are not many improvements that we will find in this new version of the operating system, then we will see what these are.

Windows 11.1 2023 Spcification:

  • Processor – 2 GHz.
  • 1 GB RAM memory for 32 bits and 2 GB for 64 bits.
  • 32 GB of space-free disk.
  • DirectX 9 compatible GPU.
  • 800 x 600 resolution screen.

Windows 11.1 Release Date:

In the end, the release date of this new version of Windows 11.1 on 29 July 2023. Of course, Microsoft has already warned that it will have a very slow expansion. In other words, it may still take some time before we receive the update through Windows Update. If we don’t want to wait, then we can force the update through the Windows update wizard, or by downloading the ISO to install the operating system from scratch.

Windows 11.1

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