How Much is $1 Bitcoin in US Dollars?

The BTC/USD pair matches the world's leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, with the most dominant fiat currency - the American Dollar. 

The pairing represents how many dollars (the quote currency) it takes to buy one bitcoin (the base currency).

Founded in 2009, Bitcoin is known as the most prominent and widely accepted digital currency.

Despite the rise of many rivals, it boasts a crypto market share of around 70 percent.

However, even after a decade of existence, BTC still remains very volatile, offering huge potential for speculation.

At the other end of the pair is the American dollar, the world's primary reserve currency.

Generally considered a standard, it is readily accepted in transactions around the world.

It is the most traded currency in the international forex market in terms of turnover, accounting for nearly 90 percent of global forex transactions.

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Its unique features make the BTC/USD pair one of the most popular crypto-to-fiat currency pairs on the market.