Eminem says it took a long time for his brain to reboot

You were literally coming off an overdose, and they had to stabilize you with some medicine.

And some of them took you a minute to adjust — let's just leave it at that," recalls Rosenberg.

"So, you're learning how to rap again almost literally, right?

Because this is the first time, perhaps, that you've been creating without putting substances in your body for many years anyway, right?”

The rhyme partners agreed that the "best" song M ever made was Curtain Call

The Hits Jockey's sex rap bonus track "Fak", though Rosenberg admitted with a wink that, at the time, he thought it wasn't that great.

Regarding the infamous parade of funny voices on that collection, Eminem said they just "built up" and got "thicker and denser"

This day he doesn't even know what they were.

"I didn't really notice it and was so excited that you were making music and having a good time with it," Rosenberg said.

"At the end, I went to play some music for some people and they were like, 'Yeah, he's rapping really well again but what's with the accent?'"