When she first broke out onto the music scene, the Bad Guy singer was staunchly protective of how her body was perceived.

It was an understandable move from a teenager in an industry where young women are overly sexualised.

she’s completely free when performing for her fans, as across the stage moving her body with the confidence of a young woman who has truly grown into herself 

Her opening act Dora Jar (who Eilish sung praises for at the end of the show) must have taken a leaf out of her headliner’s book too, 

performing with just as much energy and enthusiasm to a supportive crowd.

“I’d never treat me this shitty, you made me hate this city,” the crowd sings along together – at this moment,

Everyone in the crowd is the girl who doesn’t “talk shit on the internet” or “never told anyone anything bad” in the face of heartbreak.

It’s funny how someone else's lived experience can feel so uniquely yours.

Concert-goers have been promised a two-hour set of performance consisting around 20 songs to be performed by Jubin.

On August 27, famous South Korean artist, Rain, is set to perform at Betadia Night taking place at the Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil.

The 40-year-old will also be joined by Malaysian Mandopop singers Andrew Tan and Jess Lee.

Although admission is free, concertgoers need to get an e-ticket in advance.