United States Election 2023

United States Election 2023: Elections For Various Positions

United States Election 2023

United States Election 2023: Elections For Various Positions! Three governorships, a lieutenant governorship, an attorney generalship, and a secretary of state ship are among the state executive positions available for election in 2023. In three states in 2023, 36 state executive posts, including down-ballot contests, will be available for election. In Kentucky, Louisiana, as well as Mississippi, there will be three gubernatorial elections in 2023.

The Businesses

According to the authority provided to them by the constitution of their state, state executives perform a variety of tasks. They are also tasked with putting into effect and upholding laws passed by state legislatures. In the US, there are 13 different types of offices with 748 executive seats. Only seven of the 13 executive positions are found in all 50 states: the governor, attorney general, school superintendent, insurance commissioner, commissioner for agriculture, commissioner for labor, and commissioner for public services.

Secretary of state, chancellor, controller, auditor, and commissioner of natural resources are a few additional common positions.

Elections For Various Positions

In 2023, there will be three governor seats up for election. Just the governor is chosen from among all state executive positions throughout all 50 states. The governor is one of the most influential people in state government since he serves as the main executive. He or she typically receives reports from other executive offices.

  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi

Data From Previous Elections

The 748 state executive positions in America’s 50 states are covered by Ballotpedia. The sections that follow examine partisanship and incumbent status in statewide executive elections from 2011 to 2021.


64.2% of incumbents ran for re-election between 2011 and 2021. The success rate was 85.0% from 2011 to 2021. The first graph below compares the number of delegates up for election each year to the number of the incumbents who really sought election. The second graph depicts the percentage of incumbents who sought re-election to the number of real incumbents who won.

United States Election 2023


From 2011 through 2021, the number of state executive seats that changed parties is shown in the table below. In 2018, Democrats acquired 41 net seats, which was the highest single-year gain for a party. Additionally, there were 303 seats available for an election that year, which was the most ever. 2011 saw the lowest net change, with neither party gaining nor losing any seats. That year, 26 seats were up for election.

The table, which is arranged by year, displays the seats controlled by each party prior to and following the election as well as the net change experienced by each party.

Governorships Held By Political Parties

The following graph demonstrates the number of such governorships represented by the Republican and Democratic parties from 1977 and 2021. Democrats controlled 37 seats, as well as Republicans, held 12, which was the largest disparity between the parties’ respective numbers of seats in 1977 and 1978. In 1987, 2003, as well as 2019, the gap between the number of chairs controlled by Democrats and those maintained by Republicans was the smallest. Democrats held 24 governorships in 2003 and 2019, compared to Republicans’ 26 in 1987, while Democrats held 26 governorships.

United States Election 2023

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