Stratos 36 hbt

Stratos 36 Hbt Compound Bows 2023: Hoyt Review & Price

Stratos 36 hbt

Stratos 36 hbt compound bows 2023: Hoyt Review & Price! To meet the current requirements of the top archers in the world, the new Stratos 36 hbt elevates the standard for the industry. The Stratos has a brand-new, incredibly adaptable HBT Cam System, improved riser geometry for a low center of gravity, 36″ or 40″ axle-to-axle options, the tried-and-true modular grip system, and built-in arrow rest mounting capabilities.

The creation of a new standard

The Stratos 36 hbt is descended from a line of target bows by Hoyt that have elevated target bow design standards all throughout the archery world. The Ultra Elite, Vantage Elite, Contender, Prevail, Invicta, and many other legendary Hoyt tournament bows have paved the way for the subsequent wave of record-breaking performance. Hoyt Stratos sets a new standard in bow design and provides unmatched adjustability and customization for best-tailored performance. Six CeraKote® color selections and two powder coat options are offered (Buckskin & Wilderness)

HBT Hoyt Camera

The highest level of adaptability and performance. The most significant change to Stratos 36 hbt target cams in more than 20 years is the brand-new HBT cam technology. The HBT cam system allows you to switch between a soft or hard wall feel, quarter-inch draw length changes, and adjustable let-off between 65, 70, and 75%. The speed, feel, and customization needed to accommodate any shooting style will be provided by HBT cameras.

Options for the STRATOS 36″ HBT Draw Length

#1 Cam

  • 1 Mod (24.5-26.5”)
  • 2 Mod (27-28″)

#2 Cam,

  • 1 Mod (28.5-29.5”)
  • 2 Mod (30-31″)


  • 14″ draw length modifications
  • A 65-75% let-off that is tunable
  • Hard or soft walls that can be adjusted
  • For optimum performance across the draw length range, various cam and mod sizes

Stratos 36 hbt


  • Mass Weight: 2223 grams
  • Factory Speed: 318 fps
  • Axle to Axle: 36.50 inch
  • Brace Height: 7 3/8″
  • Cam Type: HBT
  • Limb Type: M


View the major companies’ brand-new compound bows for this year! Visit your neighborhood Archery Country to test out the compound bows we have available from Mathews Archery, Bowtech, Hoyt, Prime, PSE, Mission, and Elite. Alternatively, acquire all the information you need and purchase a bow online from companies like Bear, Genesis, and Diamond!

HOYT CARBON outperforms everything

You need to shoot it in order to truly comprehend it. The atmosphere of Stratos 36 hbt Carbon Technology is very unique. It’s soft to the touch, silent, light, and absurdly smooth. No bow can resist Mother Nature’s worst like the Carbon RX-7 because of its superior strength-to-weight ratio. With quicker lead times and more bespoke finish options now available.

Hoyt releases its 2023 VTM.

The newest and best aluminum rig in the Stratos 36 hbt portfolio is the VTM, which comes in 31- and 34-inch variants. Hoyt wants you to consider high performance, integration, flow, system, alignment, and synergy when you look at, shoot, and use the new VTM 31 or 34. They intentionally incorporated all of those features into their new aluminum flagship bows in order to prepare for the coming of an inline accessory system.

The outcome? According to reports from internal testing, which we shall discuss, the design and engineering teams stand to benefit greatly. Stratos 36 hbt equips the VTM with fresh and modern technologies as well as some of their tried-and-true innovations, like the Tec Riser and wide-stance limbs.

The new VTM is home to a new iteration of the company’s Hole Shot string dampener, built-in top and bottom riser flares that enhance the front-to-back structure, a lower profile grip, specialized riser cutouts for accessory integration, HBX Pro Cam, and a whole lot more.

Stratos 36 hbt

The Framework

The VTM is equipped with Stratos 36 hbt renowned Tec Riser design, which includes a riser section that loops behind the grip. This strut adds strength and instant brand recognition while also channeling vibration away from the main body of the bow and avoiding the grip and shooter’s hand. In addition, there have been some noticeable structural alterations to the riser.

The team’s first goal was to stiffen the platform, which they were able to do by strategically placing cross beams, adding breadth at the top of the riser, and creating two flared, front-to-back structural chambers (one on the top half and one on the bottom half). The design team’s main goal was to center everything, thus as you could guess, they gave the VTM their machined-in Picatinny In-Line sight mount and Integrate Rest mount.

While in-line accessories are unbalanced and add weight, side-mounted accessories are the exact opposite. The Hoyt Integrate Ultrarest by QAD, SL Sidebar Mount, Superlite Quivers, Pro Series Stabilizers, and Hoyt Picatinny Xero A1i Bow Sight make up the company’s Complete In-Line Accessory System (powered by Garmin.)

Hoyt claims that compared to the naked bow, the system has a 59 percent reduction in residual vibration and an 11 percent reduction in sound. Additionally, Stratos 36 hbt riser design lowers the center of gravity for increased performance and stability. Moving the stabilizer placement lower and forward is a component of this method, which boosts the provided 2.25-inch Shortstop Stabilisers performance to that of a 6-inch stabilizer

The Power

Stratos 36 hbt equips its VTM with the HBX Pro Cam, which was created to have a better vibration profile, a smoother draw, and easier tunability while also weighing less than its forerunner. Each cable is fixed to the opposing cams using this cam design, which forces the cables to cooperate and automatically corrects minor system imbalances. A perfect center shot and sight picture was intended to be achieved by positioning the string with the hub. With the 1-inch greater axle-to-axle lengths, the string weight design was altered to maintain speeds. The complete draw-length range is covered by two distinct spinning modules, each of which delivers the best performance.

The Hunting

Stratos 36 hbt is aware that bowhunters desire a completely covert setup. In order to achieve this, they have outfitted their aluminum flagship with several technologies and extras. The past-parallel position of the Hybrid EXT, 11-inch split limbs, is one of the most important. It is inherently possible for parallel and past-parallel limbs to dampen shock, vibration, and noise. You have a double winner when you consider the outstanding reputation Hoyt limbs enjoy in the industry for dependability and longevity. A center stud, which is specifically designed to target higher frequency vibrations and sounds that deer and other game animals depend on for safety, is now included in the Hole Shot V2.

Stratos 36 hbt

What People Think

The VTM’s draw was incredibly smooth at the range; 65 pounds felt more like 50. The bow was easily steady at full draw because of the grip’s size, angle, and shape, which all contributed to comfort and usability. To keep it fixed on its target, there was no need for a struggle. The handle experienced a slight bounce at the shot, but there was hardly any vibration to be felt. Overall, my shooting experience was quite enjoyable.

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