St. Andrew's Community Hospital

St. Andrew’s Community Hospital Emergency Care, Review & Facts

St. Andrew's Community Hospital

St. Augustine’s Hospital is a fully recognized community hospital in St. Augustine, Florida area. It serves all of St. Augustine’s Greater Palm Beach County neighborhoods. It is a mission-oriented hospital that offers comprehensive outpatient care, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, pulmonology, radiology, gastroenterology, oncology, pediatrics, infectious disease, surgery, trauma, and specialty departments. St. Andrew’s Community Hospital doctors list includes:

For more information about St. Augustine Hospital doctors please visit their website. The website contains a complete list of all physicians and staff members. You can even print a copy of the St. Augustine’s hospital physicians list to keep on hand at home for emergency purposes. They have an emergency number to call if you need immediate hospitalization. They also have a phone number where you can make an appointment to come and see them immediately.

St. Andrew’s Community Hospital doctors address the concerns of patients and their families. This hospital is part of the Palm Beach Gardens Independent School District. The hospital also has a location on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard in the Coral Gables area. The doctors who work at St. Andrew’s take pride in being accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

St. Andrew’s is part of the Palm Beach Gardens Schools system. The hospital shares its medical facility with the Palm Beach Gardens Schools. St. Andrew’s treats all comers as equal. It does not differentiate between persons of different races, ages, or backgrounds. Because of this policy, St. Andrew’s welcomes new children every day.

St. John’s Hospital is located in Palm Beach Gardens. This is another Palm Beach Gardens school system. St. John’s Hospital is part of the Palm Beach County School District. St. John’s Hospital takes care of all of the children attending the Palm Beach Gardens schools.

St. Andrew's Community Hospital

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