ssc form fill up fees

SSC Form Fill Up Fees 2023 All Education Board

ssc form fill up fees

SSC Form Fill Up Fees 2023 All Education Board! The date of SSC Form Fill Up the form of SSC candidates for 2023 has been published. The Ministry of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has already announced the probable date of the SSC examination and the date of the SSC Form Fill Up the form. According to the latest information from the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, the SSC examination will be held in June this year.

Notice to fill out the form of SSC Form Fill Up Fees 2023 has been published. Due to the Karna epidemic, it was not possible to conduct classes properly in educational institutions. According to him, the SSC examination will be held in 2023 on a short syllabus. Form filling for the SSC exam in 2023 has to be completed between next 13th of April to the 25th of April.

ssc form fill up

It has been decided through various meetings of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education that this year’s SSC examination will be held in June 2023. According to him, the schedule of the SSC examination form Philip has been adopted from 13th April to 25th April. In other words, filling out SSC forms will start on April 13 in educational institutions. And the form has to be filled out within the stipulated time till next 25th of April. Otherwise, the form with the penalty has to be filled out within the extra date.

How much will it cost to SSC Form Fill-Up form for 2023?

SSC Form Fill Up Fees 2023 will be tested on the short boy child. For this, some subjects of the examination have been omitted. All in all, the money for the dropped subjects will not have to be paid to the educational institutions or the board this year. All in all, the educational institutions will be able to collect a maximum of 1,615 Taka per student for filling up the SSC exam form this year. Private institutions will be able to collect 12 months’ salary from the students. But those rules have been relaxed in the workplace.

SSC Form Fill-Up Fees 2023 Online Date & Ends Time

Group Name Form Fill-up Fee
Science Student Board Fee- 1175/-

Centre Fee- 440

Total = 1615

Humanity Student Board Fee- 1085

Centre Fee-410

Total =1495

Business Studies Student Board Fee- 1085

Centre Fee-410

Total =1495

Late Fee – 100/-

Earlier, in May 2023, as per the decision of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board, 2023, the SSC examination Bangla second paper, English first paper was published. For this, the students are requested to prepare the short boy child.

ssc form fill up

SSC Exam Form Fill-Up Notice 2023

SSC Form Fill-Up Fees 2023, According to the notice, the time for form fill-up is not too long. The educational institution will have to complete it within the specified time. However, with the late fee, more time will be available. And the process for Form fill-up needs to be completed online. Important dates for the SSC Form fill-up are highlighted.

  • Deadline to publish the results of the test examination: November 3, 2023.
  • Form fill-up begins on March 13, 2023.
  • Form fill-up ends March 2023.
  • The deadline for the form fill-up with the delayed fee: is March 2023.
  • Deadline for forum fill-up without delay fees: April 2023.
  • Deadline for forum fill-up with delay fees: April 2023.
  • You now know about the Form fill-up. Now take a look at the SSC exam routine.

How do fill out SSC Form Online 2023?

You have nothing to worry about SSC Form Fill-Up Fees 2023. Your organization will be filing your forms online. For those involved in educational institutions, we will show the Form Fill-up method. How to fill out a form is described here, step by step.

  • First, visit the website of the corresponding Board of Education.
  • Then click on OEMS/EFF and log in with your EIN and password.
  • Then select Eligible Students from the Probable List. You can select/unselect from the Temporary list if you wish.
  • Then you can be taken to a payslip. If all is well then, print the payslip. Then take the printed payslip and pay the fee through ‘Sonali Sheba.’ The amount of the fee to be paid will be mentioned on the payslip. It is important to remember that after printing the payslip, no student can be selected or unselected.
  • The final candidate list will be active within 24 hours of submission of the fee.
  • Print the final candidate list and collect the signatures of the students. And every page should have the signature of the Establishment Chief.

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