Small Business Saturday 2023

Small Business Saturday 2023: Top Ideas, Tips & History

Small Business Saturday 2023

Small Business Saturday 2023: Top Ideas, Tips & History – Small Business Saturday, which takes place on November 26, 2023, is a day to honor small businesses and everything they contribute to their communities. This year, we are aware that small businesses require our assistance more than ever as they deal with the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic and retool their operations. Please support your neighborhood small businesses by doing your shopping at small businesses, and joining the SBA and organizations throughout the nation in doing so.

Small Business Saturday has grown to be a significant component of the busiest shopping season for small companies. It was created by American Express in 2010 and has been formally cosponsored by the SBA since 2011. The Small Business Saturday 2023 Saturday research projects that Americans will spend an estimated $23.3 billion on Small Business Saturday at independent stores and eateries. The SBA, Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), and American Express team will launch the 2022 holiday season by urging customers to support the almost 32 million small companies in our country on Small Business Saturday and throughout the entire holiday season. This year, increase sales with these 6 Small Business Saturday Tip.

Be proud of your tiny business identity:

Small Business Saturday 2023: Customers want to support small businesses this year, so make sure to emphasize that fact in everything you do. Describe how and why you started, in your own words. Inform your clients of the ways in which you support neighborhood initiatives. Tell people what makes your goods and services unique and tailored. Just don’t be afraid to describe how you differ from big-box retailers. It is known as your brand story. You must define your brand’s story before you can use it to attract more customers. Your brand story encapsulates who you are in general. Combining the following:

The people and ideals behind your company. The goal of your company or the issue you’re attempting to fix for customers Your interactions with and relationships with your clients.

Create an appealing deal or discount for Small Business Saturday:

Small Business Saturday 2023: To make your company stand out from the competition, a strong offer is crucial. Consider your audience and what might appeal to them. What is the specialty of your shop? Has anything in the past proven to be very successful? Whatever you choose, be sure it’s something your company can actually deliver on. The following are some offerings that you might wish to think about:

  • 15% off of all brand-new products.
  • Visitors can get free coffee and cookies while shopping.
  • Free bonus with any $50+ purchase.
  • When you buy $40 or more, you’ll receive 20% off your subsequent purchase.
  • Gratuitous gift-wrapping.

Small Business Saturday 2023: Send a series of emails

Small Business Saturday 2023: Utilizing email marketing will put your message in front of your clients’ and prospects’ inboxes. People that subscribe to your mailing list are interested in what you have to offer and want to support your company. Use a “Small Business Saturday” email template from Constant Contact to promote supporting local businesses (you can see all the templates at the end of this post).

Inform people of the benefits of supporting local businesses in your neighborhood. To promote Small Business Saturday, you can offer a unique deal or special content. Think about collaborating with other nearby companies to promote one another. Inform your email subscribers about local stores they can visit on Small Business Saturday. Send out three emails in a row to remind consumers to shop with you. These emails are a fantastic method to remind individuals and prompt them to take action in favor of your company during this hectic time of year: Small Business Saturday 2023

Email 1: As soon as you can, send an email of the announcement. Inform them of Small Business Saturday and the benefits of doing their shopping locally. Give specifics about your offer.

Email 2: One week prior, send a reminder email. So that they don’t forget, remind them of the due date and your offer.

Email 3: Send a final-chance email a day or two before Small Business Saturday to remind customers to use your store and your offer.

Use social media to connect with potential customers:

Small Business Saturday 2023: You may reach even more potential customers by using social media as a tool. Start by posting on social media comparable content that was used in your email series. Promote the concept of supporting small businesses by using the material and offer you’ve included in your email campaign. Similar to how you did with your email series, create a series of three social media posts: an announcement, a reminder, and a last-chance reminder.

Small Business Saturday 2023

Get ready for your actual store (if you have one)

Small Business Saturday 2023: Make sure you’re supplied and staffed for success now that the word has spread. Assign responsibilities to each employee after considering their strengths to avoid misunderstanding while your store is crowded with eager customers.

If you have a master gift wrapper, you can assign them the chore of wrapping gifts, and you can allocate other team members to assist customers or work the register. Create a fast to-do list for yourself if you’re managing everything by yourself so you can keep organized even when things get busy. In order to keep in touch with customers throughout the remainder of the holiday season and into the New Year, you should also print out an email sign-up sheet beforehand and encourage them to share their email addresses. Don’t forget to take some pictures as well to document the excitement in your shop. Small Business Saturday 2023

Small Business Saturday 2023: Maintain the momentum

Small Business Saturday 2023: Don’t underestimate the significance of follow-up in the week following Small Business Saturday, no matter how hectic the day may be. A quick thank you note can go a long way, and it won’t take much time to make one.

If you shot a lot of pictures, you might upload an album on Facebook, or you might just choose the finest one to show your fans. Keep your text straightforward by using anything like that. We appreciate everyone who visited #ShopSmall on Saturday. We value your assistance and look forward to seeing you soon! Send a brief email after adding your new email subscribers to your list.

Your aim should be to remind them of their wonderful experience with you and get them to come back soon in every follow-up letter you send. To personalize the thank you note, incorporate an image. Also, include an offer to entice them back into your store before the year is out.

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