Sengkang Community Hospital

Sengkang Community Hospital Doctor List, Overview & News

Sengkang Community Hospital

Sengkang Community Hospital is among the several public hospitals in Singapore. The 1000-bed facility opened its doors for patients on August 18, 2022, and serves primarily the older population of northeast Singapore, especially Sengkang, Hougang, and Pasir Ris, who speak the Malay language. Most of the Sengkang Community Hospital patients are from families that speak Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Sengkang Community Hospital also has a branch in Central Business District (CBD) and the nearby Orchard Road and Jalan Hanoman area. It is an excellent hospital with extensive emergency and trauma services.

The main hospital area is located to the north of the busy street called Silom Road. This is a comprehensive review of Sengkang Community Hospital, which I wrote based on my personal experience. My family and I have been going to Sengkang Community Hospital for almost two years. I went there for routine checkups on my mother and for emergency surgery on my brother, who was fatally shot in the chest during a gangland battle. Sengkang Community Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Singapore, but it still needs a lot of work.

In my opinion, it should be rated as the bright vision hospital only. I found a few problems with Sengkang Community Hospital, which is one of four co-located community healthcare facilities in Singapore. First of all, the location of the facility makes it inconvenient to access from other places, particularly the GE Plaza. Secondly, it lacks basic amenities, such as clean restrooms, an emergency department, a pharmacy, and doctors on staff.

Other facilities at Sengkang Community Hospital include a Women’s Health & Wellness Centre, a Primary Health Care Centre, a Family Care Centre, and a Nursing & Healthcare Centre. I also noticed that the main hospital room was quite small and the waiting area even smaller. The review of Sengkang Community Hospital by my family and I didn’t find many problems, though it could use improvement in its infrastructure, especially in its emergency department.

There is no pharmacy on the premises, so all the medication that needs to be filled has to be brought inside. Another small problem that we observed was the staff’s efficiency – although they said that they were professionals and the hospital was one of the best they had ever seen, they often failed to show up on time.  I would recommend Sengkang Community Hospital to anyone who is not comfortable traveling to a national specialty center, especially if you are elderly or have a chronic illness that requires ongoing medical care.

It has all of the standard features of a good primary health care center, with an emergency department that is easily accessible and a doctor/medicine staff that is very professional. One of the reasons we chose it as our destination for the annual holidays is because it is in a very convenient location, within walking distance of both our home and the university campus. Its location is also conducive to various cultural integration – our Korean daughter was able to fully integrate into the Canadian culture just a few months after we moved here.

Sengkang Community Hospital

In fact, she ended up going to our daughter’s school just down the street from Sengkang Community Hospital. If you’re considering visiting a Sengkang Community Hospital, then you might want to think again. We found it to be a bit expensive for what is essentially a medium-sized hospital. Also, the waiting room was not as neat as we would have liked – there were no paintings, statues, or other embellishments to enhance the decor.

The hospital wasn’t particularly organized, with a large number of patients milling around waiting to see a doctor, as opposed to the much larger number of visitors that are seen at a national heart center. There are many advantages to choosing a specialty center over a regular hospital. Sengkang Community Hospital may be perfect for some people, but not for others.

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