Salma Agha

Salma Agha Movies, Biography, Awards, Age, Born & HD Photos

Salma Agha

Salma Agha Movies, Biography, Awards, Age, Born & HD Photos! Salma Agha belongs to the clan of Pakistani actors. Salma has made two popular movies, “offers” and “Young Victoria”. Salma Agha hails from Yorkshire in England. She has brown eyes and brown hair. Salma has a slim, petite body built for her petite face. Salma’s most important talent is that she likes to perform martial arts.

Salma Agha Biography

Salma Agha’s biography is interesting and a source of inspiration for many people. Salma Agha’s life is interesting and was once very beautiful. Salma Agha biography: Salma Agha has a modest net worth of approximately 40 million dollars. Salma Agha was actually born in England on October 25th, 1956.

Salma Agha first came to fame when she appeared in the English film, “offers”. She was then known as the youngest British actress. Salma Agha played the role of the bold yet sweet young wife in this film. Salma Agha went on to play the lead role in the sequel of the same film, “Young Victoria”. This is a part of the Salma Agha legacy as she went on to play different roles in various award-winning films.

Salma Agha trivia shows that Salma Agha goes by two nicknames. The first is Khan, and the second is Princess. Salma is currently married to Mike Pereira, the guitarist from the band, War. She has two children, daughters Avram and Zakia, whom she loves very much.

Salma Agha Height

Salma Agha’s Wikipedia bio shows that her height is 5′ 6″, which is common among other British Spice celebrities. In fact, her fans claim that she is taller than their Queen, Princess Diana. Salma Agha wears medium-height or tall clothes most of the time, and normally looks good in dark colors such as black and navy blue. Her favorite color is pink, which is seen in her hair, skin, and nails. Salma has brown eyes and brown hair, which is usually layered with some streaks of dark blue or green.

Salma Agha’s Net Worth

2023 Salma Agha’s Net Worth is 5 million. Salma Agha’s height is a matter of public record, however, it should not be used to determine her net worth. Salma has never confirmed how tall she is. However, a Salma Agha quiz shows that she has consistently maintained a career-high in film industry work. Salma Agha’s official website also shows that she is reputed as one of the best performers in Egyptian acting history. Salma Agha’s official biography states that she has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1996 for her role as the main character in the film “A Square in the Sun”.

Salma Agha’s Married Life

Salma Agha’s profile on Wiki Answers indicates that she is married and has two children. Salma Agha has also done some work in Pakistan television. She began acting in the Pakistan soap opera “Chamila” in the late eighties. She then went on to play opposite Pakistani singer Jehangir Khawaja in a popular series of comedy-drama “Chak De! “.

Salma Agha Hd Photos

salma agha

Salma Agha

Salma Agha

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