Robi 2023 SMS Package Offer

2023 Robi SMS Package Offer: Price, Validity & SMS Check

Robi 2023 SMS Package Offer

2023 Robi SMS Package Offer: Price, Validity & SMS Check: Everyone is familiar with Robi Network. It has been serving people for a long time. Robi is a great network in the world. Many people in the world can be said to be dear. Robi also offers many benefits to its customers. Those who use Robi must have gotten the benefits. Especially Robi is offering a big package for a limited amount of money to bring back those who are away from the network.

Those who use Robi SIM are definitely using low-priced packages. There are many more bonuses, especially for closed SIMs. So win this offer by quickly activating your closed SIM. You can learn more about Robi Great Package from our article. We have highlighted in this post how you can receive SMS.

Robi is offering you a lot more SMS than other networks. You can send these SMS to any network. Buying Robi packages will save you a lot of money. You can send SMS to your friends as you wish with the Robi package. You continue to read this post slowly. We will tell you how to purchase this package. Friends can visit our website to get such a bang offer.

2023 Robi SMS Package Offer: Price, Validity & SMS Check

Price: SMS Pack: Activation Code: Validity: Network:
TK. 12 SMS Pack *123*6*5*2*1# 1 day Off-Net
Tk. 1 500 *123*6*5*3*1# 1 hr Off-Net
Tk. 12 100 *123*6*5*1*1# 7 days On-net
Tk. 5 250 *123*6*5*4*1# 1 day Off-Net
Tk. 10 100 *123*6*5*5*1# 3 days Off-Net
Tk. 10 200 *123*6*5*6*1# 1 day Off-Net
Tk. 3 400 *8666*40# 1 hour On-of-net
Tk. 15 20 *123*6*6*4# 3 days Any Net
TK.10 350 *123*2*7*2# 30 days Any Operator
TK.12.18 500 *123*2*2*1# 30 days Postpaid
TK.10 500 *123*6*5*7*1# 2 days On-net
TK.30.44 800 *8666*25# 30 days Any Operator
TK.18.26 900 *123*2*2*2# 30 days Postpaid

Robi SMS Package Offer is valid for a limited time. We have mentioned many SMS packages for you. You can purchase as you like. You should follow the rules below. Then it will be easier for you to purchase the package.

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Robi SMS Offer

Robi 10 SMS Offer Details:

This Robi SMS Package Offer you can you for any net. You get this needful offer for the duration of 1 hour and you have to dial *8666*1# to receive it. To check this SMS balance please dial *222*10#.

Robi 200 SMS Offer 2023

Only prepaid users can use this pack for use this package.  In exchange for 10 Taka, you can purchase Robi SMS Package Offer for 30 days. The Code of the purchase is *123*6*5*6#.

Robi SMS Package Offer 2023 List Details /  Robi All SMS Pack 2023 Below

Robi SMS pack Activation Code Price (BDT)
500 *123*6*5*2*1# Tk.12
10 *123*6*5*3*1# Tk.1
250 *123*6*5*1*1# Tk.12
100 *123*6*5*4*1# Tk.5

Please visit our website to know more about the updated offer. Thank you so much for visiting our website with so much time.

Robi SMS Offer

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