PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2 2023: Price, Release Date & Full Specification

PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2 2023

With an OLED HDR panel at frame rates of 90Hz or 120Hz and a 4K resolution of 2,000 x 2040 per eye, the PlayStation VR2 is certainly attempting to compete with some of the best VR headsets on the market. New vents stop users from overheating while using the gadget, and a lens adjustment slider enables everyone to enjoy picture-perfect VR.

However, those who suffered with the wires of the first system will be glad to learn that the entire headset attaches with a single tether. Many people had anticipated that the PSVR 2 would totally do away with cords. Now, all we need to use is the PS5 stock.

Key Specification Of PlayStation VR2

  • 2 x (2000 x 2040) resolution
  • OLED display
  • 90 / 120 Hz refresh rate
  • 110 degrees F.O.V
  • Adjustable
  • Six-axis motion sensing system
  • IR proximity sensor
  • 4 embedded cameras
  • Haptic vibration feedback
  • USB Type-C for communication with PS5
  • Microphone built-in
  • stereo headphone jack

Features & Design of PlayStation VR2

The new PSVR 2 headset will have the following new features, according to a Sony blog post.

1) Design of Headsets

The PSVR 2 has recently debuted its design, which shows a sleeker and more contemporary headset than its predecessor. Additionally, Sony has confirmed the adjustable lens feature, an innovative new vent design, and a mechanism to prevent the lenses from steaming up. This new headset is also slightly lighter than the previous generation, according to Sony.

2) Display of PSVR 2

According to Sony, the PS VR2 would use OLED screens with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 for each eye and a total of 4000 x 2040, making the headgear 4K. Both 90Hz and 120Hz frame rates may accommodate the 110-degree field of view, which is among the biggest currently offered for VR headsets.

3) Sensing device

The PSVR 2 Sense controller’s new design is very comfortable and provides excellent functionality. When using VR, the orb shape makes it feasible to simultaneously move the controller and operate the buttons and joysticks, which is crucial because we want to minimize our connection to the outside world as much as possible.

4) See-Through View

By pressing a button on the headset or using the Control Center, users can switch between games and their surroundings using the front cameras of the PSVR 2’s main headset panel.

5) Headset-Based Controller Tracking

The PS VR2’s inside-out tracking feature uses built-in cameras in the VR headset to track both you and your controller. Without a separate camera, your movements and where you are looking are reflected in-game.

6) Broadcasting

Sony also revealed that users of the PS5 HD Camera would be able to live-stream themselves using the new VR system while simultaneously uploading video material to a stream.

7) Eye Tracking

PS VR2’s eye-tracking technology tracks the movement of the user’s eyes, so a simple glance in a certain direction can contribute new input for the game character. A new level of realism in gaming is made possible by this because it enables players to engage more naturally and in novel ways that are more akin to real life.

8) Cinematic Mode

The Cinematic mode on the PSVR 2 will let you play your usual PS5 games in your own virtual environment. Essentially, this beams content and games from your PS5 system into your VR headset at up to 120 frames per second at 1080p.

9) Haptic Feedback

Games may become considerably more immersive with the help of the console’s Tempest 3D audio capability and a single built-in motor that vibrates the headset in response to events in the game.

PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2 price

The cost of PSVR2which includes the Sense controllers will be $549.99. Additionally, the box will contain a set of stereo headphones.

PlayStation VR2 Release Date

The upcoming generation of virtual reality, which will include PlayStation VR 2, looks amazing. The PlayStation VR2 headset will be available starting on February 22, 2023, according to Sony. On November 15, 2022, preorders will begin to be available.

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