Panchagarh to Dhaka Train Schedule & Time-Table-Infosource24

Panchagarh to Dhaka Train Schedule & Time-Table-Infosource24…

Train Schedule Dhaka to Panchagarh, Price & Panchagarh to Dhaka Express 2020: Hi Guys,  I will tell you who ticket prices, off days, Time Table, ticket booking system. Panchagarh Express trains are the most popular trains in Panchagarh, Thakurgaon, and Dinajpur districts. Everybody loves the train tour. Because the train tour is so peaceful and very comfortable. Train journeys have increased day by day.

There are many people who will train for a long time but they cannot do anything for a reason. In this context, we would like to introduce you to the table very easily.

Panchagarh to Dhaka Train Schedule

So, We successfully provide the Panchagarh Express Train Schedule, Time Table, and much other information. If you are interested in the post and you want more information about Panchagarh Express Train Schedule, just continue reading the full content.

Panchagarh Express Train Ticket Price:

Many people do not know the exact ticket price. That’s why we picked up the post very well. Passengers will be able to purchase tickets for the train online, from mobile apps and other supported platforms. Here, we have AC berths, AC seats, sleeves, and decorative chairs.
1. Decorating Chair (Air Conditioned) – BDT. 550,00 BDT.
2. Snigdh (air-conditioned) – 1035,00 BDT.
3. AC Seats (Cabins) – Rs. 1260.00 (Day) BDT.
4. AC Barth (cabin) – 1892.00 (night) BDT.

Panchagarh to Dhaka Train Schedule 2021:

Details Dhaka Express Panchagarh  Station
Starting Station. Dhaka
Starting Time. 20.00
Destination Station.  Panchagarh
Arrival Time 5.40
Off day Unknow Unknow

This is an up-down Train Service on the Route of Dhaka – Panchagarh – Dhaka Route, Bangladesh.

Panchagarh Express Ticket Booking Online:

If you want to Panchagarh express train ticket booking online, just go to the Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing system website and perform the simple procedures and book your ticket.

Train Schedule Panchagarh to Dhaka Express 2021:

Details Panchagarh Express Dhaka Station
Starting Station. Panchagarh
Starting Time. 8.30 PM
Destination Station Dhaka
Arrival Time 18.00
Off day Unknow Unknow

That’s all about Panchagarh Express Train Schedule 2021. Hopefully, you will get all the latest and updated information about this new train service. If you have any questions or queries about Panchagarh Express Train Schedule and Ticket Price then send us your valuable comment using the comment box. We try to respond to your comment as soon as possible.

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