New Traffic Rules Bangladesh 2021 Schedule & PDF-Infosource24

New Traffic Rules Bangladesh 2021 Schedule & PDF-Infosource24…Hello Everyone, Welcome to New Traffic Rules in Bangladesh Changed. The New Traffic Rules in Bangladesh 2021 applied on Friday 1st November 2019 in Bangladesh. All Daily Newspaper of Bangladesh has published the news officially. The New Rules of Bangladesh 2021 is available here.

If you want to read the News in Bengali, You can Visit this Bangla News Portal to read the rules. Bangladesh Road Transport Act of 2018 has changed and updated. Many New Rules added by Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). The New Rules has applied from today 1st November 2021. Here, we have collected this from The Daily Star.

New Traffic Rules Bangladesh

Traffic Rules Bangladesh 2021:

  1. The RHD would take necessary steps to stop plying overloaded vehicles for the durability of the highway. To make this happen, it would establish excel load control centers on highways, the draft said.
  2. One has to face punishment as per the Road Transport Act-2018 for violations, said the draft.
  3. The Road Transport Act says a person has to face a one-year jail term or Tk 1 lakh in fine or both for the offense.
  4. The RDH or its officials cannot be made accountable for any accident due to fault in design, construction, and maintenance of highways if done unwillingly or without any “ill motive”, as per the draft.
  5. Fish or livestock cannot be transported by any vehicles, except for trucks or similar vehicles. No motor vehicles, that can harm the highway, would be allowed on the roads. One has to pay Tk 5,000 in fines for violating these provisions.

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