National University Hospital

National University Hospital Address, Location & Email Number

National University Hospital

The National University Hospital, also known as the National University Hospital in Singapore, is a referral hospital within the National Health System. This hospital is one of four regional hospitals designated as a National University Hospital under the National University Hospital System. The hospital serves all regions of the National Health System and is located within the boundaries of the Singapore General Hospital. This university hospital has a rich history and maintains links with other prominent hospitals throughout the region.

The National University Hospital provides comprehensive outpatient care with a focus on providing a comprehensive service for all patients who may have varying conditions and needs. A number of outpatient services are offered including surgery, cardiology, psychiatry, pathology, and imaging; all of which boast the best comprehensive care available.

Services provided at the university hospital are ranked among the best in the region. This hospital is one of four regional references in Singapore and serves as a major medical reference point for the whole country.

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The National University Hospital Review comprises an internal ranking system based on service delivery and quality. All service delivery aspects of the hospital’s programs are evaluated using this system. At every level, a doctor’s list is prepared, which ranks each service provider based on its performance. The doctors’ list is subject to change, and the rankings are determined by previous surveys conducted on the services provided at the hospital.

The evaluation process begins with a survey that ranks the service providers based on their qualifications and experience in a variety of specialties. After the ranking process, a physician’s service delivery score is determined using an internal system based on physician payment and the use of hospital services. The physician payment system used is based on the hospital’s rating system and the physicians’ payment history with that hospital. Service delivery is defined as the manner in which the hospital provides its patients with timely access to health care services.

National University Hospital

Quality indicators are also applied to evaluate service provider networks- The hospital’s clinical support service delivery is measured using a system based on the physician’s satisfaction and quality of treatment received. Quality indicators are also applied to evaluate service provider networks. Within each network, there is a physician’s base physician’s quality report that identifies key performance indicators for each specialty area, including hospital services, patient care, pharmacy, emergency room, surgical, radiology, and physician office services.

All service providers in the hospital have been reviewed to ensure that they meet the standards of the specific specialty areas. Other quality indicators are hospital staff-related ratios, staff-to-patient ratios, and physician satisfaction.

National University Hospital Address-

  • Affiliated university: Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
  • Address, Location & Email Number
  • Hours: 24
  • Closed⋅ Opens 12AM Mon
  • Number of beds: 1,239
  • Founded: 1985
  • Funding: Public hospital
  • Phone: +65 6908 2222
  • Address: 5 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapore 119074

As part of the evaluation process, the National University Hospital Review sets clinical metrics to be used in analyzing hospital service delivery and service providers. These include the length of stay, number of admissions, number of discharges, and percentage of total patients who went home on the same day that they left the hospital.

24 Hours- Other considerations for setting service delivery targets include target frequency, the volume of service, and the use of staff-to-patient ratios. For example, if the target frequency is three times per week, the service delivery team will design activities to achieve this goal on a daily basis. The results are then used to evaluate long-term goals, such as reducing the percentage of patients who go home from the hospital within the first 24 hours after their hospital stay.

National University Hospital

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