Mount Alvernia Hospital

Mount Alvernia Hospital Contact Number, Address, Location & Doctor List

Mount Alvernia Hospital

Mount Alvernia Hospital, also known as Mount Alvernia Hospital, is located in Singapore’s North and West regions. The hospital is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world and is dedicated to the Buddhist Lotus flower. Mount Alvernia Hospital boasts a variety of hospitals including a dedicated diagnostician and surgical facility, an adult chronic care center, a surgery center, a specialty center, a rehabilitation center, and a respite care centre.

Mount Alvernia Hospital which was officially opened in 1992

Mount Alvernia Hospital has been certified by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCAS). Mount Alvernia Hospital Address is situated at Singharaja Street, behind Pantvin Marketplace. Mount Alvernia Hospital, which was officially opened in 1992, is one of the most prestigious Singapore hospitals and is considered to be a national treasure and tourist attraction.

Mount Alvernia Hospital has two multi-specialty hospitals namely, a community outreach program and a pediatric intensive care unit. Mount Alvernia Hospital doctors also list their specialties as Family Medicine/Pediatric, General Hospital/General/Special Health, Psychiatry, and Neuropsychological.

 200 patients – Mount Alvernia Hospital’s specialty facility is accredited by the Singapore Red Cross Society. On a brief visit to the hospital’s wards, I observed that the majority of patients who had come for check-ups were elderly, mentally handicapped, or both. As was the case with all acute hospitals in Singapore, all the patients, at Mount Alvernia Hospital, were on oxygen. There were about 200 patients on the ward waiting for procedures including dialysis, heart transplants, and checkups, and Mount Alvernia Hospital staff and volunteers were extremely kind and caring with each patient.

 Mr. Ng Soon- During my last week at Mount Alvernia Hospital, I met with the Acting Director of Operations, Mr. Ng Soon, and was briefed about the recent incident involving the patient who had been refused oxygen. Mr. Ng told me that this was the first time that this had happened at the hospital. He added that while the patient was admitted to the ward where he was treated for a minor problem, he had been refused oxygen before being moved to another ward.

The Director went on to say that the Singapore Red Cross was consulting them to analyze the incident and their protocols. They had asked the hospital staff to keep the incident under review and to ensure that all the necessary protocols had been adhered to in the process of the check-up. While no formal complaints had yet been received, Mr. Ng said that Mount Alvernia Hospital had received a number of complaints regarding their protocols, which could not be drawn into the Mount Alvernia Hospital register, due to the fact that they had not been registered.

Mount Alvernia Hospital

Alvernia Hospital Number & Complaints

The Acting Director went on to state that although Mount Alvernia Hospital had received a number of complaints regarding the level of care given to the patient and the incident in question, they would not be taking any further action against the provider or the hospital. He went on to state that they would continue to monitor the hospital’s operations so that any problems were identified early, and that they would make sure that the standards of care were maintained.

However, he also expressed his concern that there had been an increase in reported incidences of assault and sexual abuse in the months leading up to the current audit. This he said was being investigated.

During my inspection, I was given all the information I needed to determine whether Mount Alvernia Hospital was meeting its claims of safety and quality of care. Based on the number of patients I visited on the wards, I found that a significant number of incidents had occurred in the past year. Of note was the incident in January when the patient who required urgent surgery was left unattended for hours as staff failed to provide a doctor!

Mount Alvernia Hospital Contact Number

  • Address: 820 Thomson Rd, Singapore 574623
  • Function: Hospital
  • Hours:
  • Open 24 hours
  • Phone: +65 6347 6688
  • Number of beds: 319
  • Founded: March 4, 1961
  • Opened: March 4, 1961
  • Religious affiliation: Catholic

While the management team was apologetic, saying that they had failed to keep the patient safe, the fact is that the situation could have been alleviated had the staff been prepared to meet their legal obligations. Unfortunately, this sort of thing does happen from time to time. Staff is only human and if they are overwhelmed by a situation, they may fail to take it seriously.

Mount Alvernia Hospital

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