Kangana Sharma

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 Kangana Sharma

Kangana Sharma is a Bollywood actress and has acted in films like Daddy Maraman, Ang Thong, Apne for Short, Mankatha, and many more. She is best known for her slim and beautiful face. Kangana goes by two names – Kavita and Kangana. Initially, she was known as Kavita Kapoor. Kangana married Anil Bhairav in 1986 and has a son named Yash Chopra. Read Kangana’s biography and look at the films that have earned her praise.

Kangana Sharma Born

Kangana Sharma was born in Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. She is one of seven children of Pappu Gandhi, who was a prominent leader in the Indian Independence movement. Kangana studied art and joined the Indian Army, where she served in the Grenadiers. After the war, she decided to try her luck in the film industry in India. She began her career by appearing in a Hindi movie called Om Shanti Om.

Kangana was quite popular during her early days in Bollywood. She had a memorable role in the Hindi movie Om Shanti Om, in which she played the role of an army officer. Kangana did not find it easy to break into Bollywood after that and after a few films, she seemed to have lost her place in the Bollywood scene.

Kangana Sharma

Kangana Sharma Carrer

Kangana Sharma began to have roles in more petite movies after that and before long she became popular with her roles in the Mumbai movies of the 80s. Her first major role was in the 1984 hit comedy Om Shanti Om, in which she played the character of heroine Dula. This led to Kangana appearing in many more movies in the following years, all of which earned her a considerable number of fans in Bollywood. With her popularity escalating, it was only a matter of time before Kangana got a part in the much-awaited Baahubali movie, which is now in the process of being released in the UK.

Kangana Sharma First Movie

The most significant part of Kangana’s rise to stardom was the success of her first movie, Om Shanti Om, in which she played the lead role. Since then, Kangana Sharma has gone on to play important characters in films like Welcome and Kangana and Kaleidoscope. All these films have made her a name in the Bollywood film fraternity and also made her one of the most popular actresses in the Indian film industry today. Kangana’s latest role in the movie, Kangana Rana, has been recently released on television screens and is being billed as one of the best Bollywood comedy flicks of all time.

Kangana Sharma

Kangana Sharma has been a favorite among people belonging to all age groups and all sections of society because of her sweet and charming looks, her flawless skin, and her never-ending smile. While most people know Kangana by her first name only, few are aware of her address and other details such as her phone number and email id. The mysterious role of Kangana in the Baahubali movie has been widely talked about in recent days and the actor is receiving a lot of fan requests on Twitter as well.

If Kangana Sharma continues with her success rate, it is only going to be a matter of time before all people know about Kangana’s mysterious past and even her personal life. So if you want to get in touch with this super glamour girl, all you need to do is visit her official website and follow the instructions written there.

Kangana Sharma

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