Jurong Community Hospital

Jurong Community Hospital Singapore, Review, Vector & Facts

Jurong Community Hospital

The Jurong Community Hospital is located at Block 16, Block 17, Block 24, and Block 25 of the Central Business District (CBD) in Jurong. It is one of the famous and renowned Singapore hospitals. It serves every major type of patient from routine operations to critical care. It treats every age group from newborns to the elderly. The hospital staff is well-trained and has compassion and understanding for all types of patients who seek their help.

The Jurong Community Hospital provides excellent medical services to the people of the young generation, old age, and every walk of life. The hospital staff has comprehensive skills and knowledge about every type of patient and is highly specialized in the field of integrated healthcare development. Jurong Community Hospital doctors have vast expertise in providing comprehensive medical treatments to all categories of patients who require timely attention.

They are extremely cordial with the families of the patients and are always ready to go the extra mile to make them feel at home. The Jurong Community Hospital doctors are committed to providing world-class emergency and trauma services and surgical care to all categories of patients. It undertakes specialized surgery, diagnostic, therapeutic, and psychosurgical services for all types of sicknesses. It offers the latest technologies like robotic surgery, minimally invasive techniques, and high-end robotic equipment.

It also serves the community through its numerous public programs and social service programs. The hospital also caters to the special needs of the elderly and children. The onsite pharmacy and diagnostic center are fully equipped with the latest and advanced technology to cater to all the pharmacy-related needs of the patients. They offer a complete range of products from pens, scissors, and deodorants to health capsules. In addition to all these services, the Jurong Community Hospital provides various outpatient services like general medical care, chemotherapy, cardiology, dermatology, orthopedics, podiatry, vision care, and dental care.

The Jurong Community Hospital has been offering world-class healthcare services to residents and families in the region since 1972. The Singapore General Hospital is renowned for its excellent emergency care services as well as for providing extensive medical care to the residents of Jurong. Apart from these, the other community hospitals in Singapore are the Inman Medical Centre, the Victoria Hospital, and the Penang Hospital. These three hospitals are among the top-ranking hospitals in the country for providing quality medical services.

Jurong Community Hospital Singapore

If you are looking for a well-equipped and technologically advanced medical institution, choose one of the above-mentioned community hospitals. Jurong Community Hospital and the other two general hospitals on this list have proved their proficiency in the field by offering quality care to patients. However, you should not limit your search only to these institutions. You should also look out for other trustworthy and highly reputed medical establishments in the area.

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