International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day 2023 Observation, History & Significance

 International Literacy Day

UNESCO cooperates with governments, localities, and other organizations to promote International Literacy Day. Despite developments, there are still at least 771 million individuals worldwide who cannot read or write at the primary level. International Literacy Day raises awareness of the cutting-edge and effective pedagogies that may be used in programs for young people and adults to improve their literacy in order to fight the pandemic and other problems.

On September 8 each year, people all across the world celebrate International Literacy Day. The purpose of the special day is to promote literacy as a human rights and dignity issue and to support the development of a more literate and sustainable society.

History of International Literacy Day

This day was established by UNESCO as a chance for governments, civil society organizations, and other interested parties to draw attention to global literacy progress and to consider the problems still facing the field.

On October 26, 1966, the UNESCO General Conference’s 14th session proclaimed September 8 as International Literacy Day. Since 1967, celebrations have been held on this day all over the world to raise awareness of the value of literacy for each individual, society, and community.

Significance of International Literacy Day

Literacy is one of the numerous elements that contribute to the development of a society or a person. It gives people more freedom and independence to think for themselves. We all know that education is the cornerstone of growth, hence the overall goal of International Literacy Day is to raise awareness of this issue.

Organizations and individuals celebrate literacy on this day in order to inspire and assist others. Mentoring neighborhood kids, donating books to libraries, and funding poor students’ tuition and education to help them launch careers are all examples of how students and working professionals support this special occasion.

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day theme 2023

The topic for this year’s International Literacy Day is “Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces” in 2023. The subject strives to draw attention to how crucial literacy learning environments are for fostering resilience and guaranteeing that every student receives a high-quality, equitable, and inclusive education.

On September 8 and 9, 2023, in Côte d’Ivoire, a two-day hybrid international event will be held at the world level. The core of regional, national, and local levels is the worldwide commemoration of International Literacy Day. As a result, the 2023 UNESCO International Literacy Prizes award event will serve as a platform for the announcement of this year’s excellent programs and literacy practices “UNESCO declared.

Observation of International Literacy Day

Around the world, people celebrate International Literacy Day to raise awareness of the value of literacy for the advancement of communities, societies, and people as well as to highlight the benefits of a higher literacy rate.

It is observed annually to raise awareness of the value of literacy as a matter of human rights and dignity and to push the literacy agenda toward a more educated and sustainable society, according to the UNESCO website. Despite advancements, there are still 771 million illiterate persons around the globe, mostly women, who lack even the most fundamental reading and writing abilities and are consequently more vulnerable.

Celebration of International Literacy Day

Around the world, this day is marked by meetings, workshops, discussion panels, and other events organized by educators, policymakers, government representatives, experts, and other stakeholders. Stakeholders discuss and pinpoint the issues that are currently a problem before attempting to develop solutions by talking through various choices.

Children’s Celebration

Students can listen to these discussions to learn about the issues that are still present and potential fixes. If they feel they might have a new perspective or a solution, they can contribute to the conversation at any point.

International Literacy Day

In addition, students can give books to public libraries, donation centers, adoption agencies, or other similar organizations so that other kids can read them and broaden their knowledge of the world. Children can also plan their own debates and discussions with their peers to discuss the problems they face and potential solutions. To promote literacy, little essay-writing contests and similar events can be organized.

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