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Institute of Mental Health Singapore

The Institute of Mental Health Singapore sometimes referred to as the Institute of Mental Health Singapore, is an important medical facility in Singapore. It is a leading psychiatric hospital in Singapore, serving an influx of patients every year who seek treatment for mental disorders. Most of these patients are from southern or central Asia. The majority of people who first come to the Institute of Mental Health Singapore have been suffering from some type of mental disorder for a long time, and after they are treated, they often find that they need long-term care and assistance with the challenges their illness causes in their lives.

The Institute of Mental Health Singapore, which was established in 1965, has branches in five cities across the country. However, it is most well-known and recognized for its main facility in the central region of the city. This main clinic is an open-air building located on Orchard Road, between Yoyogi and Branch streets. The clinic offers a range of services to psychiatrists and to their patients, including group and individual therapy sessions, medication and addiction management, psychiatric hospital services, and psychiatric nursing services.

In addition to the Institute of Mental Health Singapore, there are two other clinics in Singapore that are recognized and popular among professionals in the field of mental health and psychiatry. These are the Institute of Mental Health Singapore – Strategic Clinical Research Institute (SMART Institute), and the Private Psychiatric Medical Centre (PPCMC) – Singapore. SMART Institute offers one of the world’s leading public psychiatric research programs and is associated with over 80 academic medical centers in more than 20 countries around the world.

In addition to research, the Institute of Mental Health Singapore is also responsible for the maintenance of a full-fledged mental health center at the Second National University Hospital (NUSCC). The Private Psychiatric Medical Centre, on the other hand, offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services to psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and consultants.

Apart from these two clinics, there are many other private hospitals and nursing homes that provide counseling to those who may have mental illnesses and disorders. The country’s only full psychiatric rehabilitation center is the International Residential Anxiety Treatment and Consultancy (IRADC). This rehabilitation center was established in 1985 to provide expert care to those suffering from various types of anxiety and psychiatric illnesses. In addition to conventional counseling sessions, this center offers intensive therapy through specially designed residential facilities for those who require long-term care.

Singapore’s public mental health care system offers many services to those who may have mental disorders. Most common among these are substance abuse and addiction, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, phobias, and schizophrenia. Though these conditions affect a very small segment of the population, the negative social stigma attached to them prevents people from getting the treatment they need. Instead, many choose to suffer in silence, let their conditions worsen, or opt for medication as a form of treating their anxiety disorder. Since some conditions do not respond well to medication, alternative forms of therapy such as counseling may prove to be more beneficial.

There is an increasing demand for effective ways of treating mental illness in Singapore from both the government and private sectors. The Institute of Mental Health Singapore, together with its sister organizations across the globe, has been at the forefront of providing assistance to people with mood disorders and other anxiety disorders. From early screening to effective medication to safe and humane shelter, the Institute of Mental Health Singapore works hard to equip its members with the skills and knowledge necessary to help sufferers get on with their lives.

Institute of Mental Health Singapore

In the Institute of Mental Health Singapore, patients not only get psychological help to overcome their mental illness, but they also receive the psychological support needed to overcome the challenges of life. Perhaps nothing can match the value of this type of help for someone grappling with the challenges of life, but the Institute of Mental Health Singapore undoubtedly offers one of the most promising career opportunities available today.

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