Hoyt 2023 Bows

Hoyt 2023 Bows: Compound Bow Stratos 40 SVX & Recurve

Hoyt 2023 Bows

Hoyt 2023 Bows: Compound Bow Stratos 40 SVX & Recurve – Hoyt wants you to visualize high performance, integration, flow, system, alignment, and synergy as you see, use, and interact with the new VTM 31 or 34. While anticipating the addition of an inline accessory system, all of those features and qualities were specifically designed into their new aluminum premier bows. As a result? The design and engineering teams appear to have won big according to reports from company testing, which we will discuss. Along with some of its tried-and-true innovations, such as the Tec Riser and wide-stance limbs, Hoyt equips the VTM with brand-new and cutting-edge innovations.

The new Hoyt 2023 Bows is home to a new version of the company’s Hole Shot string dampener, built-in riser flares (top and bottom) that enhance the front-to-back construction, a lower profile grip, unique riser cutouts for accessory integration, HBX pro-Cam, and a whole lot more.

Hoyt 2023 Bows: Details

Hoyt 2023 Bows: The well-known Platform Hoyt Tec Riser design, which includes a piece of the riser that loops behind the grip, is used to outfit the VTM. This strut adds strength and instant brand recognition while also channeling vibration away from the main body of the bow and avoiding the grip and shooter’s hand.

In addition, there have been some noticeable structural alterations to the riser. The team’s first goal was to stiffen the platform, which they were able to do by increasing the riser’s width at the top with the help of two front-to-back structural chambers that were flared (one on the top half and one on the bottom half), slot cutouts, and carefully positioned cross beams.

Stratos 36 hbt compound bows

A primary goal of the design team was to bring everything into the center, so as you might anticipate, they equipped the Hoyt 2023 Bows with their machined-in Picatinny In-Line sight mount as well as the Integrate Rest mount. In contrast to in-line accessories, side-mounted accessories increase weight and create imbalance. These connections not only lighten the load and improve balance overall, but they are also more reliable, repeatable, and precise, giving the shooter an additional advantage.

Hoyt 2023 Bows: Design

Hoyt 2023 Bows: The Hoyt Integrate Ultrarest by QAD, SL Sidebar Mount, Superlite Quivers, Pro Series Stabilizers, and Hoyt Picatinny Xero A1i Bow Sight make up the company’s Complete In-Line Accessory System (powered by Garmin.) Hoyt claims that compared to the naked bow, the system has a 59 percent reduction in residual vibration and an 11 percent reduction in sound. Additionally, Hoyt’s riser design lowers the center of gravity for increased performance and stability. Moving the stabilizer placement lower and forward is a key component of this tactic since it makes the provided 2.25-inch Short Stop Stabilizer as effective as a 6-inch stabilizer.

The SL Sidebar fixture attaches through the riser, keeping the weight below the shooter’s hand and offering tremendous lockdown force to keep your stabilizer in place. For a more streamlined connection, its size and weight were also decreased. The edge of the mounting hole has a tic mark that the archer can use to monitor rotational placement.

Hoyt 2023 Bows


The HBX Pro Cam, which the Power Hoyt uses in their VTM and which was created to have a superior vibration profile, a smoother draw, and easier tunability while also weighing less than its predecessor, is installed in the vehicle. With this cam style, each cable is anchored to the opposing cams, forcing them to cooperate and automatically adjust for slight system imbalances. The hub was fashioned to put the string in the best possible center shot and sight picture. To sustain speeds with the 1-inch greater axle-to-axle lengths, the configuration of the string weights was changed.

While providing optimal performance across the whole draw-length range, two separate rotating modules are used. At a shooting range, the VTM’s draw to be incredibly smooth; 65 pounds seemed more like 50. The bow easily stabilized at full draw, and the grip size, angle, and shape all contributed to comfort and practicality. It could have stayed fixed on target without a battle. There was barely any vibration felt at the shot, just a slight bump in the grip. I had a wonderful shooting experience overall.

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