How To Delete Poshmark Account

How To Delete Poshmark Account: Necessary Steps

How To Delete Poshmark Account

How To Delete Poshmark Account: Necessary Steps! Users can buy and sell old, new, and vintage apparel and accessories from individuals and businesses on Poshmark, an online marketplace. Numerous categories based on apparel styles and designers are included in Poshmark’s millions of sellers list. If you’ve recently sold things on Poshmark, make sure to first cash out any remaining sale sums before deleting your account.

If there are any outstanding transactions or redeemable balances, Poshmark claims it cannot complete a delete. Any listings you have on your account as well as any saved things from other closets won’t be accessible after deletion. Both the site and the mobile app have a similar process for How To Delete Poshmark Account. Here’s how to carry out both.

How To Delete Poshmark Account: 

Your account won’t be deleted if you remove the Poshmark app from your phone. You have to follow these instructions. Clear instructions are provided by How To Delete Poshmark Account an account with them. These directions have been put down into a step-by-step manual by us. How To Delete Poshmark Account from the app is described in the first set.

The second, it is explained how to remove it from their entire website. Understand that there cannot be any open transactions or redeemable balances on your account before deleting your account from either device. Before attempting to cancel the account, make sure all of the products you have sold have “cleared” and cash out any earnings.

Step 1: Click on the “Your Account” tab.

On a computer, sign in to Poshmark and go straight to the “your account” tab. Your initials are in the circle at the upper right corner. You should click on the circle so that a drop-down menu may be seen.

How To Delete Poshmark Account

 Step 2: Select “Account Settings”

How To Delete Poshmark Account, There will be a lot of choices in the main dropdown menu, but you should choose “Account Settings” near the bottom. When you do, a new page with your current profile and a vertical menu on the left will be presented.

Step 3: Select “Manage Account Status”

Double-check to make sure you have remembered to complete any orders or left any pending sales unfilled before canceling your account. To be safe, make sure to remove all saved payment methods. These options are under the “Account Settings” tab. Near the bottom of the menu on the left side of your browser window, you’ll see “Manage Account Status.” You ought to click there.

Step 4: Click “Delete My Account.”

How To Delete Poshmark Account, You can move forward with deactivating your account after evaluating it. Poshmark includes a helpful disclaimer that your account and associated data will be permanently removed. A notification asking you to confirm this action will appear in a smaller window once you delete your account. Similar to the ones you see with two-factor authentication, they will send a message to your email address with a one-time-use verification code. You should either input it exactly or copy and paste it. Verify by clicking.

Step 5: Explain your leave.

Poshmark sends you another pop-up message after you enter the verification code, asking you why you’re leaving. It’s being emphasized once more that you will be prevented from using your account in any way, even for redemptions. Your reasons for leaving are also listed in a little dropdown menu in the pop-up box.

How To Delete Poshmark Account

Then, beneath it, you will notice “Delete My Account,” so click on one of these. Delete Poshmark Account.

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