Facebook Reels Size

Facebook Reels Size 2023: All the Information Everyone Needs To Confirm

Facebook Reels Size

Facebook Reels Size 2023: All the Information Everyone Needs To Confirm Another month, another brand-new learning tool for businesses. Facebook Reels Size, Facebook’s platform for short-form video, went live in 150 countries last week thanks to Meta. It followed the initial US release of Facebook Reels in September 2023. We comprehend that it can be challenging for firms and marketers to stay up with the rapid release of new features on social media platforms.

What exactly are Facebook Reels Size, has therefore Meta just released them, and how (and why) would businesses start utilizing them? I’ll go over all there is to understand about Facebook Reels in this guide for brands and marketers. Continue reading to find out more about Facebook Reels‘ history, features, prerequisites, best practices, and more.


Facebook Reels Size effectively offers users of Facebook the same short clip experiences and capabilities seen on Instagram’s “Reels” feature. On February 22, 2023, Meta—the company that owns both Facebook as well as Instagram the functionality globally for IOS and Android users. Reels are unique from Facebook’s other video options in that they must be vertical and brief (under 60 seconds).

The criteria and functionality that are currently offered to Reel users are listed below.


  • Length: 3 seconds minimum, 60 seconds maximum
  • MP4 file format
  • 9:16 aspect ratio (vertical)
  • Min 1080p, 4K when available for the video.


  • Text, stickers, and AR effects
  • Utilize live or recorded video snippets (or a combination)
  • Compatible with green screen
  • To record hands-free, set a timer or countdown.
  • Add your own unique audio or audio from the Facebook music library.
  • Video clip(s) can be cut to the appropriate length.
  • You can change the speed of your audio or video to make it faster or slower.
  • Add newly produced Reels to drafts.


In conjunction with the launch, Meta disclosed that they are now testing Facebook Reels Size Overlaying Ads in North America. This currently involves banner ads as well as sticker ads, two types of non-intrusive advertising. By the middle of March, according to Meta, these testing will probably include more nations. Then, in the upcoming months, it’s likely that full-screen immersive advertising will begin to surface in between Reels.

Facebook Reels Size

Sticker advertisements: static image ads which creators can place wherever in their Reels Banner ads: moderately overlay ads that display at the bottom of such a Reel Creators will indeed be able to make some money from these ads. Additionally, they will be able to profit from the Reels Game bonus scheme. Amounts up to $35k per month are available to eligible creators through this initiative.


Facebook Reels Size is without a doubt the most recent element of Meta’s defense against the threat provided by the competing site, TikTok. How significant of a danger is TikTok? In 2023, TikTok had 111 million more downloads than Instagram and Facebook combined, making it the most popular app (by 240 million).

“By far, reels are our content format with the fastest growth.”

In 2023, Meta released Reels for the first time on Instagram, building on its prior success with short-form videos. Reels have proven to be a popular feature; according to Meta, “Reels is our fastest-growing form of content by a wide margin.”

Another element of Meta’s approach to getting users to return to Facebook is Facebook Reels Size. For the inaugural time in the platform’s 17-year history, total user counts fell in the fourth quarter of 2023. Facebook has trouble attracting younger viewers in particular. Long before TikTok was created, Facebook has seen a fall in the number of young members.


First, does your company already produce vertical short-form video content for Tik Tok, and Instagram, but rather YouTube Shorts? If yes, you can republish the same material on Facebook Reels Size to expand your audience. If otherwise, there are still other benefits of Facebook Reels for your business.

Think about the percentage of your target market using Facebook. Half of the time users spend on Facebook is spent watching videos. Reels are a fantastic method to expose Facebook people to your brand. Younger internet users have also been shown to like short-form video content. So, start recording if there is a group you want to appeal to.

Facebook Reels Size


Facebook Reels Size are currently accessible to consumers through their smartphone news feeds. (Note: To access Reels, your app may need to be updated.) Reels will, however, also soon be available at the top of users’ Feeds, in Groups, and in the Watch tab, according to Meta. Reels cannot yet be watched or made on a desktop. Keep an eye out because Facebook frequently updates its website and applications. (We’ll do our best to keep this information current.)

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