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If you looking for news on Dhaka to Noakhali bus. Then, you are at the correct place. So, there is a list of bus services given from Dhaka to Noakhali. Here, we will describe them. So, you can find all the information you need in our content. Dhaka is the capital of our country. And, it is normal for people to move to Dhaka for jobs or education and many other need. Hence, many people from Noakhali are living in Dhaka city. Also, Noakhali is a great tourist spot in our country. As there are many places to visit in our country. For instance, the Nijhum Dwip is a great interest for people to visit the Noakhali area.

So, if you remember about traveling to Noakhali. Then, you will find all the information you need about buses for Noakhali from Dhaka in our content. Hence, follow this article to find out the information.

Dhaka to Noakhali Bus

Dhaka to Noakhali Bus Service:

There are two options for you to book tickets for Dhaka to the Noakhali Bus terminal. And, they are one is online and the other is offline. Here, you can book tickets online from the Shohoz system. Else, you can go to the bus station ticket counter to book your ticket.

  • Himachol Express
  • Ekushey Express
  • Monoline Enterprise
  • Shahi Enterprise
  • Lal Shobuj

Here, in this content, we will give you full information about the Dhaka to Noakhali bus ticket online. Also, with address and contact number here. So, you can any doubt book your tickets online or offline.

Dhaka to Noakhali Bus Ticket Price:

Also, there are many buses that offer you Dhaka to Noakhali bus service. And, there are both types of buses available in the bus station. For instance, you get AC Bus and Non-AC Bus service. However, they come at different prices for their customers. Here, we will tell you about the prices of different buses ticket. And, we will also tell you about buses that provide you with these good services.

Dhaka to Noakhali Transport Service (Non-AC):

Lal Sobuj 400 Tk
Himachal Express 400 Tk
Ekushey Express 400 Tk
Jahangir Paribahan 400 Tk
Shahi Enterprise 400 Tk
Moon Line Enterprise 400 Tk

Dhaka to Noakhali Transport Service (AC):

AC Bus Service Economy Class (Tk) Business Class
Himachal Express 450Tk 500 Tk
Ekushey Express 450Tk 500 Tk
Lal Sobuj 450Tk  500 Tk

Lal Sobuj Bus Service:

Lal Sobuj is one of the better bus service providers that provide Dhaka to Noakhali bus service. And, this bus service provides an AC bus service for the passenger. So, you can use this service to travel to Noakhali using an AC bus service. And, there are many counters of this bus service in Dhaka city. Also, the bus tickets are not so expensive. So, this is pretty much a budget-friendly bus service in their valuable passenger. And, this bus service counter is located in Sayedabad of Dhaka area. And, the bus also starts from there in just time. Here, we have given the Lal Sobuj bus ticket price for you in the below table.

Bus Service Fare
Economy Class 450 TK
Business Class 500 Tk

Himachal Express:

And, this is one of the best bus services that provide Dhaka to Noakhali bus service. And, you can get tickets for this bus from their bus counter.  Also, they have counters available almost at every important point of Dhaka city. So, you can buy the ticket from your nearest ticket counter. Here, we have provided some of the important counters’ addresses and their contact number available here. So, you can find your nearest counter easily in our content. Also, search from the counter through their contact number.

Address  Contact
Tongi Counter, Dhaka 01765-398373
Uttara Counter, Dhaka 01838-500423
Airport Counter, Dhaka 01722-202434
Mirpur-10 Counter, Dhaka 01911-444012
Syedabad Counter, Dhaka  01778-411351

Ekushey Express:

Similarly, there is another Dhaka to Noakhali Transport service that name is Ekushey Express. And, they also have many bus counters all over Dhaka city. So, you can get your expected service from your nearest location. Here, we have included some of their counter addresses with their contact number. So, you can also check their ticket prize from home.

Address Contact Number
Chittagong Road 01730-897416
Airport 01730-897498
JHIGATOLA 01730-897411
Badda 01730-897496

Bus Time for Dhaka to Noakhali

The way of Noakhali from Dhaka is about 151.77KM. And, it takes nearly 4 and half hours to reach Noakhali from Dhaka. However, this is only applicable for buses that travel through the Dhaka-Noakhali highway road. And, there are a few more buses available from Dhaka to Noakhali on the highway road. But, they do not have many buses available on that road. So, Ena Poribahan, Econo Poribahan, Jahangir Poribahan, Greenline Paribahan takes this Dhaka-Noakhali road. Here, we have provided their Dhaka to Noakhali bus timetable for your convenience below.

Bus First Trip Last Trip Contact
Ena Poribahan 4:00 PM 6:00 PM 01869-802736
Econo Poribahan 6: 00 AM 12:30 PM 01919-654753
Greenline Poribahan 7:30 AM 10:15 AM 01710-000000
Jahangir Poribahan 12:00 PM 5:30 PM 01911430240

Final Words:

Noakhali has many tourist attractions in the country. Also, the Noakhali Science and Technology University is a reason for students to move to the Noakhali area. However, many Noakhali residents move to Dhaka for job facilities in their life. And, they have to often travel to Noakhali for many reasons. Hence, we wrote this article for them in our content.

So, that is all we had about Dhaka to the Noakhali bus ticket counter. We expect that we could be of your help. However, we have more news listed on our website of other areas bus service. Hence, if, you need more information about other area bus schedules or ticket prices. Then, you can visit our website for the information above.

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