bteb exam notice

BTEB Exam Notice 2023, BTEB Exam Routine –

bteb exam notice

BTEB Exam Notice 2023, BTEB Exam Routine –!  is very important for every polytechnic student. Cause currently, the Bangladesh government provides a lockdown for 7 days. And the schedule will continue on Monday. Corona Virus’s current situation is not good in Bangladesh. Day by day it increases its Agility.

Everyone knows that in this situation Polytechnic semester exam running. This is really harmful and dangerous for every student. After that, the Bangladesh government provide a lockdown. As a result, the student is in tension about their exam. They are worried about the exam held during this lockdown. This is the most common question right now. Today I will share some important information and clarity about this question. BTEB Exam Notice 2023. Exam Notice 2023

Currently, there is no exam notice announced by BTEB Exam Notice. But I think very soon the BTEB Exam Notice published. Then students can make sure about the exam. So at this time, I can’t give your any surety about this topic. The BTEB Notice update on BTEB Notice Post.  You can follow our recent post for the last update.

Polytechnic  Exam Notice 2023

So if we think in a normal mind, the exam is not held in this situation. Cause all transport service will stop for unlimited time. So students can not be going to the institute due to this problem. So expected that the exam will close.

If you have any questions or need to know any more information just sent us a message. We will help you to provide valuable information.

BTEB Exam Notice

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