Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service

2023 Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service & Online Ticket

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service

2023 Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service & Online Ticket: Bangladesh Railway Online Train Ticket Booking method is now very difficult. Recently, no one can buy Train Tickets from Ticket Counter directly. So, Online Ticket & Mobile App will be helping you to purchase the Bangladesh Railway Train Ticket. CNS BD is managing the full method with its Website We all time recommend our Visitor Book Train Ticket Online early if their Journey really Very Important.

Now, every man is buying a Train Ticket from Mobile App. A large number of people already installed the Bangladesh Railway Official Mobile App on their own smartphones. Some people use a Desktop or tablet to Purchase a Train Ticket Online. All of these count as Online Train Ticket Booking.

We’re ready to help you book your Train Ticket & Purchase Train Ticket Online or official website. First, you need to make an account. The account Creation system is simple. It is entirely free and easy! So, you don’t need to make any amount to create an Account. Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service. So, now follow the step-by-step rudder. It just does it for the first time. Then, you buy your Train Ticket every time from this Account.

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service 2023

Eid Ul Fitr Train Ticket 2023 is available for 21 April and 22 April 2023. Just follow the below system to Buy a Train Ticket Online. A regular Train Ticket is obtainable here. Just follow our provided method and buy the Train ticket easily.

How to Buy Online Train Tickets BD?

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service is the complete system for Buying Train Ticket Online. You know that the direct Ticket Purchase system is at present unavailable. So, the man can’t purchase Train Ticket from the rail station. Only the Online method is available in our content. App & Online, two Processes, are the same. Just follow our Guidelines and Buy your Ticket easily and quickly.

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service Registration []

The first time, every passenger needs to complete Registration on the Bangladesh Railway Sheba’s official Website, which is linked below. While you will fulfill the registration, you can then Book Train Ticket or buy Real-time Train Ticket Online. Many users are wanted to know How to Register for Bangladesh Railway Online Train Ticket? So, this part of this post will help them create New Account (Register). Now, follow the below steps.

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service

  • Link of Registration:
  • Visit the uplink we have added and click on the Register Button.
  • Complete the form with the correct Information [Your Name, Email Address, and Mobile Number & your Password]
  • Click on the Signup Button and you will provide all information showing on your Screen.

Once you complete the registration, you will be eligible to buy Train Ticket Online. The login Button is also available on the top section [Menu bar] on the mentioned Website Link. We’re showing you full details of the Login and Train Ticket Booking system.

How to Buy Online Train Tickets BD?

Here is the full-fill guideline for Buying Train Ticket Online. Everybody we are knows that the direct Ticket Purchase system is at the present time unavailable. So, people can’t purchase Train Ticket from the station. Only the Online system is available. App & Online, both methods, are the same. Just follow our Guidelines and Buy your Ticket quickly and easily.

Payment Refund & Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service

For a refund of unsuccessful buying and card charging issues, you need to contact the desired Provider Hotline Service. For Visa or Master Card Unsuccessful Purchase or Refund, Call their Helpline number. Call DBBL Nexus & Rocket Helpline Number for Unsuccessful Refund buying. bKash Refund request needs to submit by calling the bKash Helpline center. If you need to contact the Technical Support Team of, you will be emailed to the desired Address or Made a Phone Call within working periods.

VISA/MASTER Cards 16234


Rocket / DBBL Nexus Cards 16216
bKash 16247
Tech Support Team


(9:00 AM to 6:00 PM)

For a refund of successfully buy tickets, visit your induction station (Name of the Station from which you wanted to journey) and contact the refund counter number.

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticket Service 2023:

You can also ask any question in the below comment box. If you logged in to Facebook on your Smartphone or Browser, you are eligible to ask questions about emergencies here. Our Admin will be ready to answer your question quickly as soon as possible. Thank You for being with us for a long time and visiting our website.

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