Australia Day 2023

Australia Day 2023: Controversy, Fact & Celebration on 26th

Australia Day 2023

Australia Day 2023: Controversy, Fact & Celebration on the 26th! is observed as a public holiday in each of the country’s states and territories. On this day, we remember the arrival of the First Fleet from England in Sydney Cove in 1788 and the raising of the British flag. On May 13, 1787, British Captain Arthur Phillip and his men left Portsmouth, England to find a convict colony in Australia. They got there on January 26, 1788, in Sydney Cove. The governor, Lachlan Macquarie, hosted the first official Australia Day celebration in 1818.

Australia Day 2023 is celebrated with enthusiasm all around the nation. On this day, which is observed as a public holiday, people go on excursions, have barbecues, and picnics, and engage in other outdoor activities including concerts, air shows, parades, and fireworks. This is an opportunity to reflect on the history and heritage of the nation as well as ideas to make Australia a better place to live.

Why is Australia Day controversial?

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who often refer to it as Survival Day and see it as an inappropriate celebration of the British settlers’ invasion, sometimes commemorate Australia Day 2023 as a day of mourning and loss. Since these people originally arrived on the continent that is now known as Australia, more than 60,000 years had passed, and at least 1600 generations had lived and died there. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are rejoicing in the survival of their culture and people.

In recent Australia Day 2023 ads, the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to Australia was stressed, as well as reconciliation. 90% of respondents to a 2009 study deemed it essential to include an acknowledgment of Australia’s indigenous people and culture in the celebrations. This is a profound cultural and mental transformation that will have a big impact on the Australia Day 2023 celebrations.


In 1838, the colony of New South Wales became the first place to observe January 26 as a holiday. However, leaders from NSW were joined by visitors from Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, and New Zealand to commemorate the Centenary in Sydney. It was once referred to as Foundation Day or Anniversary Day. Australia Day didn’t become a recognized holiday until 1994 on January 26.

Australia Day 2023

Ways to Observe Australia Day

  • The Australian of the Year deserves praise.

Since the 1960s, the Australian of the Year Awards has been presented in conjunction with Australia Day 2023 to recognize exceptional citizens all around the country. The honorees were picked because they set the standard for excellence in their respective industries, made significant contributions to their communities and nations, and served as positive role models for Australian citizens. Since the event will be aired, call out all the winners on social media!

  • Slip a shrimp on the barbie

Barbecuing is a common way to celebrate Australia Day 2023, which falls in the middle of summer. Lamb chops, beef steaks, and sausages are the most popular dishes, although Australian slang is also widely used. Australians are likely to refer to a “shrimp on the barbie” as a prawn, even if they use the colloquialism. Greetings are expressed with “g’day,” flip-flops with “thongs,” breakfast with “brekky,” rednecks with “bogan,” and “yes” or “true” with “bloody oath,” respectively.

  • Keep an eye on the Ferrython

One of Australia’s greatest cities, Sydney, will witness a highly unusual sight on January 26 at around 11 a.m. Experience the yearly ferry race that begins at Barangaroo Wharf and culminates at the Sydney Harbor Bridge by going to the iconic Sydney Harbor. This renowned event, one of the most well-known in the country, offers stunning panoramas. It’s free, but you might want to attempt to obtain a seat on one of the boats for a unique experience.

Interesting facts about Australia Day

There are a number of amazing facts about Australia Day 2023.

  • Estimates indicate that 10.5 million Australians observe the holiday each year.
  • The largest event is the City of Perth Skyworks, which attracts around 500,000 spectators.
  • The national anthem “Advance Australia Fair” as well as classic songs like “Waltzing Matilda” or “Down Under” are widely performed.
  • The standard menu for Australia Day celebrations includes pies, sausages, and lamingtons. Australia and New Zealand disagree on the issue of who invented the delicious chocolate lamingtons.

Upcoming Dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 26 Thursday
2024 January 26 Friday
2025 January 26 Sunday
2026 January 26 Monday
2027 January 26 Tuesday

Australia Day 2023

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