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Alexandra Hospital In Singapore 2023: Address, Phone Number & location


Alexandra Hospital In Singapore Address, Phone Number, Beds & location! Alexandra Hospital is a very large hospital in Queenstown, Singapore located on a 110 km stretch of land. The hospital’s colonial-styled buildings were built in the late 1930s under the British Empire when they were still a colony. Under the Japanese Occupation, it was designated as the British Military Hospital. Today, Alexandra Hospital still serves a compulsory medical service and is one of the many places in Queenstown that cater to the welfare of the people of the area. From a general population standpoint, there are numerous hospitals in the area, but Alexandra Hospital seems to be one of the better ones.

Alexandra Hospital Facility

There are a total of fourteen departments at Alexandra Hospital, giving the facility a greater level of variety in treatment than most other facilities. General practitioners, family doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, dentists, surgeons, specialists, and hospital nurses can be found at this prestigious hospital. As in any medical facility, the number of doctors and other staff members is limited. However, with a full staff of more than four hundred, Alexandra Hospital has quite a sizable capacity.

Alexandra Hospital Treatment

An added benefit of the larger size of the Alexandra Hospital is that the doctors have more time to spend with their patients. This allows the doctor to spend time finding the best possible treatment for each individual patient and to customize the care to each person’s needs. A common practice is for doctors to take several weeks or even months to fully treat an individual patient, sometimes adding more to the bill for care than the actual service received by the patient.

Doctors at Alexandra Hospital are able to see more patients and deliver more personalized care because there is not a large amount of time to spend with each patient. This also allows doctors and other staff members the ability to quickly assess the condition of a patient and quickly make a determination of what treatment is needed. Doctors at Alexandra Hospital strive to give the highest quality of medical care to all of their patients.

Their doctors and staff have been carefully selected so that each patient’s diagnosis is given proper consideration. The doctor will talk to the patient’s family and ask them about their wishes and their fears, and then they will work to find a solution to those problems. Alexandra Hospital prides itself on working with its patients and making sure they are fully satisfied with the care they receive.

Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital Doctors

Alexandra Hospital is home to many doctors who are well-known within their community. Many doctors who are involved with the local community in any way know the importance of helping others when they are sick and offer their services locally. This commitment extends to the emergency room staff, who take great pride in working with their patients and making sure they are treated properly and given the best treatment for their condition.

All of the doctors and other staff members take great care of the patients that enter their doors at Alexandra Hospital. The doctors will work with the patient’s families to help them figure out a way to pay their bills, as well as make sure they are doing all that they can to make sure their well-being remains a priority.

Alexandra Hospital

The staff works diligently with each patient’s family to make sure that the care is a high priority, and that the patient’s family knows how important they are to the hospital and to everyone else.

There is no place like home, and there’s no better place to go to be treated by doctors and nurses who are dedicated to making every patient feel comfortable and welcome. You’ll feel right at home when you go to Alexandra Hospital, and it’s easy to see why so many people trust the care provided by the staff at this facility.

Alexandra Hospital In Singapore Address, Phone Number, Beds & location

Address: 378 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159964

Phone: +65 6908 2222

Opened: July 1940

Emergency department: Yes Accident & Emergency

Beds: 300

Hours: Open 24 hours

Function: Hospital

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