Aisha Ahmed Net Worth 2021, Biography, Age, Weight, Height & HD Wallpaper

Aisha Ahmed is a Pakistani actress and singer, best known for her roles in action movies such as Hero and Chariots of Fire. Aisha first gained attention when Pakistani television channels broadcast her first musical effort called Aisha Tuff. Her first two albums, Aisha Ahmed: A Girl So Serious and Aisha Ahmed: Aisha’s World, reached number one on the charts in Pakistan and earned Aisha a mention in Time Magazine’s “Fiction” category. Since then Aisha has gone on to feature in a number of Hollywood films, including The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Harry Potter, Men in Black, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Aisha Ahmed’s father, Zafar Ahmed, is an architect. Aisha grew up in Quetta, Pakistan, where her mother, Ayesha Ahmed, worked as a teacher. Aisha’s brother, Javed, is a photographer, while Aisha’s sister, Leyla, is a singer. Aisha’s father is a well-known carpenter and designer of interior fittings.

Aisha Ahmed was born in Quetta, Pakistan, and is the youngest of three siblings. Aish managed to escape the abuse her family faced at the hands of her father, but she later returned to reclaim her birth title, Aisha Ahmed, from a family that didn’t appreciate her artistic talents. Aisha’s musical tastes began early, with folk music and classical music, but she was entranced by the beats of hip hop and rap at the age of 14. Aisha Ahmed’s impressive filmography includes four feature films, four documentaries, and one TV series, all directed by her husband and fellow Pakistani actor, Sharukh Khan.

Aisha Ahmed Net Worth 2021, Biography, Age, Weight, Height & HD Wallpaper:

First Name Aisha
Last Name Ahmed
Profession Movie Actress
Age 23 years old
Birth Sign Gemini
Birth Date May 23, 1996
Birth Place India
Country India

Aish is best known for her roles in super hit movies Bridget Jones Diary (based on the life of British schoolgirl Bridget Jones), Mankatha (also known as Bridget), and Deokaka (also called Bombay). She has gone on to act in different blockbuster movies such as Money, Crazy Heart, and the Harry Potter series. Aish’s other notable film roles include the lead role in the Hindi movie Aabirabad, opposite Sharukh Khan, and the villainous role of Neha Malhotra in the Hindi movie Aehuk VA.

Aisha Ahmed Net Worth 2021 Update:

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, famous Movie Actress Aisha Ahmed’s net worth is $1-5 Million at the age of 23 years old. She earned the money being a professional Movie Actress. She is from India.

Aish has since been involved in innumerable Hollywood productions, most notably in the Harry Potter series and the ongoing Star Wars movie. Aish’s credits also include the comedy Ashura, and the romantic Dilwale.

Aish’s profile on CBN reveals that the actress lives in Los Angeles, California, and is currently in pre-production on her first Hindi film, Mankatha. Aish’s married to an American man, Jon Morton, and the two share custody of their three children. Aish’s Net Worth is not known to be particularly high by any measure, despite her prolific Hollywood career. Aish’s bio on Hollywood does not reveal her marital status, and it is, therefore, unsurprising to find that Aish has been married at least twice.

Aish’s height is listed at 150 centimeters, which is well within the realm of average heights for women of her generation and beyond. Aish’s face looks very good for an actress of this diminutive stature, and she appears to have a pleasing natural beauty, but there is one aspect of Aish’s face that does raise some doubts about her personal attributes. Aish’s bright blue eyes are considerably smaller than the clear blue of her peers.

This suggests to some people that Aish has astigmatism, and this could account for her odd eyesight, although it is hard to say for sure whether or not this is true of Aish’s eyesight. Aish’s Net Worth, as well as her physical appearance, would place her somewhere between super-thin supermodel Natalya Armani and her co-star in the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson.

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